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Terms of Services

An Introduction to MyQueri’s Terms of Service

Welcome to MyQueri! Here is the Quick summary of the highlights of our Terms & Services. 

Our mission is to create a platform where one can talk about their Mental Health issues without being Judged, MyQueri Platform is a place where anyone can ask professionals questions about Mental Health. This gives people the ability to talk about mental health issues.

You own the content that you post, you also grant us and other MyQueri platform users certain rights and licenses to use it. Section 3(c) below describes the specifics of these licenses.

You are responsible for the content that you post: This includes ensuring that you have the necessary rights to post the content and that it does not infringe on the legal rights of another party or any applicable laws.

You can repost a small portion of any answer or post posted on MyQueri elsewhere: provided that you attribute such content back to the MyQueri platform and respect the rights of the original poster, including any “not for reproduction” designation, and do not use automated tools.

We do not endorse or verify content posted by users: You are given access to our materials and content “as is” and without any warranties. You are entirely in charge of how you use MyQueri platform. The professional advice should not be treated as substitute to therapy, therapy is different for everyone.

You agree to follow the rules of our platform:  When you use MyQueri platform, you also agree to our Terms of Service, accept our Privacy Policy, and agree to follow our Acceptable Use Policy, Copyright Policy, and Trademark Policy.