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What are the potential negative effects of parental expectations and pressure on students’ academic performance?


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    Parental expectations and pressure can have some not-so-great effects on students’ academic performance. When parents expect their children to achieve very high grades all the time, it can lead to a few challenges.

    First, students might start feeling stressed and anxious about meeting these expectations. This stress can actually make it harder for them to focus and perform well in school. They might become more worried about not meeting their parents’ standards than actually enjoying learning.

    Second, this kind of pressure can sometimes lead to a fear of failure. Students might be so afraid of disappointing their parents that they become scared to try new things or take risks in their studies. This fear can hold back their creativity and willingness to explore.

    Lastly, students might start basing their self-worth solely on their academic performance. This means if they don’t get the grades they’re expected to, they might feel like they’re not good enough as a person.

    As a psychologist, I encourage parents to provide support and encouragement without putting too much pressure on grades. It’s important for students to know that mistakes are a part of learning and that their value goes beyond just their academic achievements. This kind of positive and balanced approach can lead to healthier academic performance and overall well-being.


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