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  1. Priyanka Walia

    The impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive function can be significant. Research has demonstrated that insufficient sleep can impair various cognitive processes, including attention, memory, and decision-making. It can lead to a reduction in the ability to concentrate and respond quickly to stimuli, as well as impair working memory, which is critical for manipulating and retaining information. Prolonged sleep deprivation can result in long-term memory issues, making it more challenging to remember information learned in the past. Decision-making abilities can also be negatively affected, leading to poor judgment and an increase in risky behaviors. Moreover, it can result in mood swings and emotional instability, leading to irritability and decreased stress tolerance. The negative impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive function can be significant and persistent. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize healthy sleep habits to avoid sleep deprivation and improve cognitive functioning and general well-being.

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