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Is it normal to have conflicting or confusing emotions while grieving?


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  1. Arushi Bhatnagar

    Grief often stirs up a tumultuous sea of emotions, including conflicting and bewildering feelings. It is entirely normal to experience a myriad of emotions while grieving. The heartache can bring forth waves of profound sadness, anger, guilt, and despair. Yet, amidst the sorrow, there may be moments of unexpected relief or fleeting glimpses of joy. The loss of a loved one can resurrect a flood of memories, both positive and negative, and trigger unresolved emotions and regrets. This emotional whirlwind can leave individuals feeling disoriented, as if they are navigating a maze of conflicting emotions. It is crucial to recognize that these conflicting and confusing emotions are an intrinsic part of the grieving journey. Embracing and processing these emotions can eventually lead to healing and a greater sense of emotional equilibrium in due course.

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