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    Dealing with a boss who consistently talks over you can be emotionally challenging and disheartening. It’s normal to feel frustrated, ignored, and dismissed in such situations. When faced with this issue, it’s important to handle it with a human touch while still maintaining professionalism. Begin by acknowledging and validating your emotions, recognizing that you deserve to be heard and respected in the workplace. Approach the situation with composure, using assertive language to express your ideas, opinions, and concerns during conversations with your boss. If your boss continues to talk over you, try calmly and respectfully interjecting, asserting your need to finish your point. Consider setting up a private meeting with your boss to discuss the issue further, sharing how the behavior makes you feel and how it affects your ability to contribute to the team. Emphasize the importance of open and respectful communication in the workplace, and seek support from trusted colleagues, friends, or mentors to process your emotions and gain perspective. If the behavior persists, consider seeking guidance from a higher-level manager or HR representative. Remember to prioritize your emotional well-being while maintaining professionalism, and advocate for your right to be heard and respected in the workplace.

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