How to deal with a colleague who is always trying to use guilt to control others?


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    Dealing with a colleague who uses guilt to control others can be challenging but manageable. Here’s how to handle such a situation:


    First, recognize that you are being manipulated through guilt. Understanding this is the initial step to regaining control.

    Set Boundaries

    Establish clear and healthy boundaries. Let your colleague know what behaviors are acceptable and what are not. Be assertive but respectful.


    Engage in open and honest communication with your colleague. Express your feelings and concerns without accusing or blaming.

    Avoid Defensiveness

    When discussing the issue, remain calm and avoid becoming defensive. Be a good listener, and try to understand their perspective as well.

    Assertive Responses

    Respond assertively when guilt is used. Acknowledge their feelings but firmly assert your own needs and boundaries.

    Seek Support

    If the issue persists, seek support from a supervisor, human resources, or a trusted colleague. They can help mediate or address the situation.


    Prioritize self-care to build emotional resilience. Maintain a healthy work-life balance, engage in stress-reduction practices, and focus on your well-being.

    Document Behavior

    Keep a record of any guilt-inducing incidents. This can be useful if you need to involve higher-ups or HR.

    Remember that you can’t change your colleague’s behavior, but you can control your responses and protect your emotional well-being. Healthy boundaries and assertive communication are key tools in managing this situation.

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