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    Dealing with a colleague who consistently seeks to create conflict in the workplace is a delicate matter that necessitates a psychological perspective to effectively address the issue and maintain a healthy work environment.

    Understanding Motivations

    Try to understand why your colleague may be inclined to create conflict. They may have personal insecurities, a need for attention, or unresolved issues outside of work that they bring to the office. Understanding their motives can help you approach the situation more compassionately.

    Open Dialogue

    Initiate a conversation with your colleague in a non-confrontational manner. Express your concerns about the conflicts and their impact on the team’s well-being and productivity. Encourage them to share their perspective and feelings, promoting better self-awareness.

    Conflict Resolution Skills

    Offer to help your colleague develop conflict resolution skills. Suggest alternatives to confrontation, such as open communication, compromise, and active listening. Share resources or training opportunities that can aid in their personal and professional development.

    Set Boundaries

    Ensure that their actions do not negatively affect your own work or well-being. Establish clear and firm boundaries, making it known that you will not engage in or tolerate disruptive behavior.

    Involve Management

    If the situation persists and significantly disrupts the workplace, it may be necessary to involve HR or management. They can implement appropriate interventions, such as conflict mediation or counseling, to address the issue more formally.

    In summary, addressing a colleague’s conflict-seeking behavior requires a balance of empathy, open communication, and boundary-setting. A psychologist’s perspective emphasizes understanding the underlying causes of their behavior and offering support for personal growth and conflict resolution. Ultimately, fostering a more harmonious and productive work environment benefits both the individual and the team as a whole.

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