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    Dealing with a colleague who consistently tries to create cliques in the workplace requires a nuanced and empathetic approach from a psychological perspective. Cliques can lead to exclusion and a toxic work environment, so addressing this issue is crucial for overall team cohesion and productivity.

    Open Communication

    Initiate a conversation with your colleague, expressing your observations and concerns. Use “I” statements to avoid sounding accusatory, such as “I’ve noticed some cliques forming, and I’m concerned about its impact on our team.”


    Try to understand the underlying motivations for their behavior. It may stem from a need for belonging, insecurity, or fear of exclusion. By empathizing with their perspective, you can foster understanding and collaboration.

    Promote Inclusivity

    Encourage a more inclusive atmosphere by organizing team-building activities, events, or meetings where everyone can participate. Emphasize the value of diversity and different perspectives in problem-solving.

    Lead by Example

    Be a role model for inclusive behavior. Make an effort to connect with various colleagues, irrespective of their clique affiliations, and demonstrate the benefits of collaboration across the entire team.

    Involve Management

    If the situation persists and negatively affects the work environment, it may be necessary to involve HR or management to address the issue professionally. They can implement policies and interventions to discourage clique formation.

    Conflict Resolution Skills

    Equip yourself with conflict resolution skills and offer your colleague guidance on conflict management techniques. This can help them navigate disagreements or misunderstandings more constructively.

    Remember that addressing clique formation is essential for a healthier and more productive workplace. A psychologist’s perspective emphasizes understanding, communication, and proactive measures to promote a more inclusive and harmonious team dynamic.

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