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    Based on researched facts, here are some steps that women in India can take to report cases of domestic violence or abuse:

    1. Contact the police: If in immediate danger, women can call the police (emergency number 100) to report domestic violence or abuse.
    2. Seek help from NGOs or helpline numbers: Women can reach out to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or helpline numbers such as the National Domestic Violence Helpline (181) or the Women Helpline (1091) for assistance.
    3. Approach the Protection Officer: Each district in India has a Protection Officer appointed under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) to handle cases of domestic violence. Women can approach the Protection Officer in their district to file a complaint.
    4. File a complaint with the Women’s Cell or Police Station: Women can file a complaint with the Women’s Cell or Police Station in their area, which are specialized units trained to handle cases of violence against women, including domestic violence.
    5. Approach the District Legal Service Authority (DLSA): Women can seek free legal aid and support from the DLSA, which provides assistance to victims of domestic violence.
    6. Approach the Magistrate Court: Women can file an application for protection, residence, custody, or maintenance under the PWDVA in the Magistrate Court, which has the authority to issue protection orders and provide relief to victims of domestic violence.
    7. Preserve evidence: It’s important for women to gather and preserve evidence of domestic violence or abuse, such as medical records, photographs, audio/video recordings, or witness testimonies, as these can be helpful in legal proceedings.
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