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Can self-harm be triggered by external events, such as a breakup or job loss?


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    Yes, self-harm can be triggered by external events, such as a breakup, job loss, or other significant life stressors. As a psychologist, I can explain that self-harming behaviors often serve as a coping mechanism in response to intense emotional distress or overwhelming situations. Here’s how external events can trigger self-harm:

    Emotional Overload

    Major life events, especially those involving loss or emotional turmoil like a breakup or job loss, can overwhelm an individual’s emotional capacity. They may experience intense sadness, anger, or anxiety that feels unbearable.

    Coping Mechanism

    Self-harm can serve as a way to cope with these overwhelming emotions. It provides a temporary sense of relief or a distraction from emotional pain. The physical pain caused by self-harm may feel more manageable than the emotional pain.

    Emotional Expression

    In situations where individuals struggle to express their emotions verbally or to others, self-harm can be a way to communicate their internal turmoil. It becomes a visible expression of their inner distress.

    Regaining Control

    Self-harm may offer a sense of control in a life that currently feels chaotic or unpredictable. It can serve as a way to regain a feeling of control over one’s body and emotions.


    The physical pain of self-harm can act as a powerful distraction from emotional pain. It provides a momentary break from overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

    While external events can trigger self-harm, it’s crucial to understand that self-harming behaviors are not a healthy or effective way to cope with life’s challenges. Encouraging individuals who engage in self-harm to seek professional help and alternative coping strategies is essential. Therapy and support can address the underlying emotional distress and provide healthier methods of managing and navigating life’s difficulties.

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