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Can self-harm be addictive or habit-forming?


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  1. Priyanka Walia

    Self-harm has the potential to become addictive and habit-forming, as it is often used as a coping mechanism for emotional distress. Individuals who engage in self-harm may experience relief from their emotional pain, which can release endorphins in the brain that produce a sense of pleasure and can lead to the behavior becoming addictive. As individuals develop a tolerance to self-harm over time, they may engage in more frequent or severe self-harm to achieve the same level of relief, resulting in a self-reinforcing cycle that can be challenging to break. Feelings of shame and guilt associated with self-harm can also contribute to the addictive behavior and make it challenging to stop. Seeking professional help to address underlying mental health conditions and learn healthier coping mechanisms is essential for individuals who engage in self-harm. With appropriate treatment and support, individuals can overcome the addictive behavior and start the healing process.

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